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Golden Platter gluten free chicken products are the standard in delicious tasting, all natural gluten free food. Our gluten free chicken patties, chicken nuggets and chicken tenders are allergen free and contain no hormones or preservatives. We produce all our chicken products without the use of artificial ingredients and they are minimally processed to keep them flavorful and healthy. People who have celiac disease and can't eat gluten products love our gluten free chicken and use it daily in their gluten free recipes. Try our gluten free chicken products today and see that you don't have to compromise taste to eat gluten free. Learn more about our gluten free, all natural chicken products, see our ingredients and label information here. Try our gluten free chicken nuggets. Your kids are bound to enjoy Golden Platter's gluten free chicken nuggets made all natural with no antibiotics. These lightly breaded nuggets are perfect for when you're on the go or need the perfect finger food for mac and cheese. The best chicken sandwich starts with a premium chicken patty. And when it's made gluten free, you can be assured you're getting the flavor you love with the benefits of a gluten free diet. Golden Platter Chicken Patties come from chickens raised without antibiotics or growth hormones in the feed or water. Our Chicken Tenders are gluten free and the perfect way to enjoy a perfectly breaded choice chicken breast meat lightly breaded and raised by the Golden Platter standards of gluten free, all natural and anti-biotic free chicken products.